Thursday, April 27, 2017

For the Sake of their "Maturity"

“Sex appeal,” her teacher said, “is what we all have to deal with, that it is what they want, those fellows! That is, for you, and the other girls in my class, it's boys of course! For me they're a little bit older, those that I can think about as the ones I could be dealing with!”

“But!” she replied, “It's not those in our class who are finding it in themselves to try to be even a bit descent!”

“That's because the boys fancy them better if they are seem eager for caring to be into sex for the sake of being seen as good enough!”

“But why do I have to care to be into sex just because they find it in the boys that they care to see them as cute as long as they're horny enough to be venturesome?!”

“It's because they all find it in them not to care to be cool about the novelettish kinds of attitudes in girls that seem keen on having them seem unworthy of having the sex they need to feel good about their existence!”

“Ah! I don't find them to be one bit into guys in that sense! It's not fun they don't wanna have!”

“Trey not to overemphasize too much about that they seem to care not to be into boys! They are all into sex for the fortune it can give them when they seem worthy of appreciation from those inclined for providing sex with the allure it can have! ... I now find this discussion to have gone as far as it can go!”

“But I find them to be impossible to upbraid! I insist, therefore, that you tell them!”

Her teacher looked at her. “There's no need, Annika,” she said, “for me to tell them anything! But we can discuss this issue all of us together, tomorrow!”

Her pupil now sighed and said: “Okay, then! Let's do that tomorrow!”

The next day, soon after lunch, the teacher told her class that for the sake of understanding one another, “We should all discuss sex appeal and what it's about! Thereby, we shall all try to think about what it is!” While she was saying it she moved in a way so that her skirt revealed her thighs, and even her crotch became a bit visible.

It seemed that at least one girl in class sighed and fancied the teacher being in on the same views on sex appeal as she herself, respectively, had. In this the teacher perceived that there was no real claim against that her own sexuality be appreciated. ... She thereby felt that she needed not to discuss this anymore and was annoyed by the fact that she had told Annika that she would.

She looked at her, found her to be a corny little girl who didn't accept the fact that the girls were maturing. Annika, meanwhile was feeling annoyed at her teacher for showing her legs so very much. In this, she had found herself to be alone about her issue, and thus to be the one to be seen as the victim of this circumstance. She sat and watched her teacher show off and tell the other girls in class not to pretend to be better than others just because they had matured enough to find their sexualities be real about being women.

One of the girls she had spoken to smirked a little and let out: “Why don't we all have a party and then try to find out what we really want?”

“Yeah!” one of the boys cried out. “For the sake of all of us,” he exclaimed, “let's all have a party!”

A giggle spread among of the pupils. The teacher looked at them and said: “Okay, let's do that! I can go there and see what you're into about growing up!”

Annika said to herself that she had been deceived. “There is nothing in this teacher of mine,” she thought, “that is not too fanciful about sex herself! ...”

Now one in the girls in the classroom started to pretend as if the party should be there for showing their sex appeal for one another. Another one of them seemed to fancy having it they should all unveil themselves about how they fantasise and accentuate their sex appeal. Annika now felt that she could find them all to be into horny fantasies about pretending to be worth it for each other - and thereby, somehow, for everybody else.

“I think you better be aware,” the teacher told her class, “that the party aught to be fairly normal for you! It should not be into pretending as if something about your sex appeal! But it should also not be into pretending as if nothing about it!”

A Friday night, one and a half month later, there was going to be a party at the house of a guy in class. It was supposed to start at six o'clock PM, and finish at ten. “I will go there,” Annika told her mother, “but I will come in late!” Her mother exclaimed that she didn't fancy her not to come in late there, so that she would be able to grasp what the other girls would fancy themselves at for being there and not have to participate more than to observe them. She told her not to get herself too vain if she found herself to be an attraction for the guys. Annika responded by telling her that she had not intended to be anything but a girl to be reckoned with as good enough for a guy, “nothing of the very superb type!” she told her.

“Oh! Good then!” her mother burst out.

“Mama! I don't really feel like a good enough girl even for anything of fancying myself as the kind of girl who would be so smart at catching a guy! I don't find it in you to understand at all what there is of a problem for me in school! I don't even find myself popular with anybody there! Not the teacher, not the other kids! Not any one of them, mama!”

“Really?! ... But come on now, after all they did invite you to a party!”

“But that's just because it's supposed to be a party for absolutely everybody!”

The mother looked at her and said: “I find there to be reason for you to feel that they invited everybody because they wanted to invite even you!”

There's no reason to think they actually would invite me unless they had to because the teacher wants that its for everyone!”

Then how come they find you to be the one interpret as good enough to have it they should appreciate you coming there? Because, they did tell me so at the parent meeting at your school two weeks ago!”

I guess one of them, or two, might have lied to their parents, or else their parents are into pretending as if they wanted to be kind to me as well!”

Then how come you wanna go there, if it's not for you to find yourself appreciated by them?!”

They all will despise me if I don't show up! Even the teacher will! ... Didn't they tell you at the parents meeting that it was supposed to be a party for everyone in class?! In that, they will not respect those who don't show up!”

Okay then! Do that if you have to do it!”

So at the night of the party Annika left her home at eight fifty, and rang the doorbell at the house of the party five minutes later. After half a minute, Christopher, who was the one who lived there, came and opened. “See! What have we got! She dared to come here after all! We don't have room for anyone new here right now!” he said and closed the door.

Annika stood nonplussed, then she told herself that she needed to tell the teacher that she had been stopped stopped from participating, otherwise she would be into pretending she was the one to blame. Thinking about this, she rang the doorbell once more. Again, half a minute passed before the door opened. “Oh! So it's you again!? I already said to the others that you're not coming in!” Then he slammed the door in front of Annika, who felt nonplussed once more. Thinking about how she should tell her mom, even, about this maltreatment, she decided to spy on the others, and looking into the garden, she spotted a tree she could perhaps climb, and then see in through a window. She noted that the tree would probably be hard to climb, because there were no branches close to the ground. On the other hand, she noticed, there was not any signs of any watch dogs, so she dared walk into the garden to look for a ladder - or perhaps something similar, to to use for the climb.

After a while, she found that there were two ladders in the yard, but they had been chained, with padlocks, to one of the fences. However she also found a plank that she figured she probably could use for climbing the tree, which she did. carefully placing the it so that in a way where it would not very easily be seen from the house or its entrance.

When up in the tree she did see fairly much through a rather large window. What she saw was that both girls and guys inside there were topless. She also noted that her teacher sat there among them, with a bra, but nothing else, on her upper body. She was wearing her usual type of skirt, which was fairly short, but still usually covered her well enough. But, as it was, she had pulled up the skirt so that her panties could be seen. Also, two girls and three boys had undressed their lower bodies, except for the underwear. Both several of Annika's classmates and their teacher seemed horny. ...

She climbed down the plank and went home. But when she got there, her mother noted that her party dress was messed up, and began scolding her. “Look mama,” she said, “there's no alternative for me but to start spying on them! Because since they wouldn't let me into the party, they would have it I was a fake about caring to be there! And thereby I needed to see what they were doing, just so that I can tell the teacher, so that she knows I was there!”

Hmm,” her mother muttered. “Are you sure that they all will blame you for not getting in there?”

Yeah, I'm pretty sure about that, mama!”

Then we should have a talk, you, the teacher and I! Or how else could we resolve this issue?!”

Okay, then, mama. But how in the world do you think that could solve my problems?!”

There's a solution in that I and she might cooperate in order to make them bully you less!”

I guess.” But she thought about how the teacher had seemed horny among her class mates. It seemed to her that there was nothing much to do about that, but to hope that she didn't fancy them too much to admit that she aught to be against their bullying, at least when her mother was there. “Okay! Thanks!” she said.

After school almost a week later, while leaving the last class of the day, Annika was surprised and embarrassed to meet and be greeted by her mother at the classroom door. The other kids seemed to smug at this, and Annika looked reproachfully at her mom. But then she noticed that some of the other kids seemed intent on pretending she was the one to embarrass her mother instead. Thereby she felt the need to repress her feelings about it.

Oh, there you are!” the teacher exclaimed. “Annika, we are going to have a talk, the three of us!”

Annika noticed one of the two last kids who were leaving the classroom sneered smugly at them. She hated this, but didn't dare to think much about it. Instead she managed to focus her attention on the two ladies who were going to be about her right now.

The teacher led her and her mother to another room in the school. The mother looked at the teacher and said: “I wonder why they seem so intent on trying to pretend my girl doesn't want to participate in the social life they exclude her from!”

They seem to be all into that they are mature now, and they feel that she hasn't been maturing! They seem to be all into seeing themselves as women, while she is, according to most of them, bad for the maturity they have begun to flourish in.”

Then we shall have a talk you and I,” and turning to Annika she added, “and her to, for that matter - about her, and the way they view her as not mature enough!”

The teacher turned around. “True,” she said thoughtfully. “But you and I shall not see ourselves as low enough to let ourselves be manipulated into having it she is not trying to seem mature without adapting herself to their cares for becoming adults!” She then turned around again and began unlocking a door. “In here, we can discuss things, you and I and your daughter!” she said.

They seated themselves and the mother began speaking: “I feel my daughter has it there is no solution to her problems but to pretend as if something about that they despise her, and that they won't let her in on what they are actually about!”

I guess she doesn't fit in with them and that that's why he didn't let him in to his party. ... Or is it something else that you mean?”

I'm not sure! But at least at that party! You know she really had to ruin her dress just to climb the tree she needed to be in for being able to prove that she'd been there! I also find it important that even you were participating! What was that? A party to see to it that they are adult enough to find it in their peers and themselves to match with adults such as yourself?!”

The teacher smiled and said: “I don't mean that they have to feel that adult already! No, I don't mean that they should match me, nor other adults in our sense, not yet! What I do mean is that they should be able to be as they usually are even with me around! Therefore we decided to have this party where I also should be. ...”

So, you let them have a party, where they didn't let everyone in the class in, but where you as that class's schoolmistress had to participate?!”

The teacher sighed a bit deeply. “I did not at all mean that they should be allowed to exclude any of their classmates!”

Okay, perhaps so. But, as you were there, couldn't you have been aware of whom was let in and who wasn't? ... After all, didn't you hear the doorbell, and why would it be that he didn't let the person in - who even tried to twice!”

The teacher sighed. “I didn't feel comfortable with saying to myself that I was among kids who were that mean to one another! I didn't feel like realizing it, when she rang a second time, that she wasn't let in in the first place just because they wanted to blame her for it!”

Okay,” the mother said again. “But why in the world were you all so lightly dressed?! I find that it's hard to believe that they will actually learn to be into being adult by sloppily undressing as soon as they feel a lust for it!”

No, I know!” the teacher replied. “But I see it in them that they are learning how to be into that it should be seen as a normal thing that they feel some of it! Thereby I think there's not anything to stop that I should participate at times in their activities to see that they actually reach adulthood, and that in a way that doesn't stop nor prostpone their inclinations for being actual about life and its pros and cons even with such behavior!”

Okay!” the mother repeated once more. “But then you and I should have to talk again! Perhaps it's even without my daughter here that it can be relevant!”

Okay,” the teacher also said now. “Then we will set up another meeting. But for now I want you and your daughter to know that we aught to understand that sex, and other things that are into adulthood to have, are things to disclose for ourselves about, so that we can learn how to handle it in mature enough ways for it not to go out of hand!”

The daughter looked at her teacher. “Look, I don't know if feel up to being into adulthood at all for this! The two of you have had a discussion as if I was simply being an immature child, while I was actually being bullied! I find the other girls to be bitches, and the boys usually to be bad too! And I don't find in this class I'm in that I can participate in anything but what I have to!”

Her mother looked at her and said: “You aught to understand that it is about you and not about us that we have been discussing! Now, she and I are going to meed and we're gonna discuss this issue with you at the party, and how you spied on them! We are gonna discuss this and how we should resolve the issue between the two of us!”

I don't have an issue with her,” the teacher filled in, indicating the mother. “It is you that I also am about! But the two of us, she and I will discuss you later. But we shall also discuss you now, because that's what we are here for!”

The mother looked at her and responded: “I don't think we can get much further with her around. Perhaps you and I should from now on discuss this only between adults!”

The teacher looked at the mother. “Good!” she said. “Can we see each other on Tuesday next week. I say at four o'clock on Tuesdays would be fine. That's more than an hour after they have finished school! You see I saw that your daughter felt embarrassed by seeing you meet her class mates!”

The mother hesitated for a short while. “Yeah I guess I can come then! We can meet here and discuss things just the two of us!”

The next Tuesday the two of them met and discussed what the teacher had been dealing with at the party. They also got into details about her being fairly undressed among her pupils. It was terrifying for the teacher that the woman questioning her about it was not very unlikely to report her for it. But still it was all too exciting for her to admit that there was thrilling for her to seem moral about sexuality but still revealing it to be a pleasure that she also felt “can be assumed to be for everyone and everything depends upon it!” she stated and blushed a little while she was saying it.

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